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Boardwalk - Stage 1, Sales Process

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Boardwalk is excited to be launching its very first stage on Monday 12Th July at 12pm!

Due to high levels of demand, an online ticketing system has been put in place to ensure everyone has a fair chance at an opportunity to secure a lot in stage 1 of Boardwalk.

If you wish to participate in the online land release via Eventbrite, please follow the below steps:

Register using the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to receive a link to the Eventbrite page.

For an opportunity to purchase a lot, you must register for a ticket from 12pm sharp on Monday 12th July via the Eventbrite Page. There are 18 tickets available for 18 lots in Stage 1 at Boardwalk. 1 per customer/household.

If you successfully secure one of the 18 tickets available, you will receive an automatic email from Eventbrite with your ticket details.

From Monday afternoon (12th July) the Boardwalk Sales Team will call all successful participants based on their ticket allocation order, from 1- 18. Please be prepared with a selection of your preferred lots, as the order of your successful registration will determine the order in which the Sales Team will call you, and the selection of lots that will be available to you to select from.

If successful, upon being allocated a lot, you will need to pay a $10,000 initial deposit, and confirm a land release appointment for Saturday 17th July 2021 to sign an unconditional e-contract and pay the balance of 10% deposit.

For a detailed Eventbrite Step-By-Step Guide and Terms & Conditions, please click the link below.


If you are unsuccessful in release 1, stay tuned for further communications regarding our next release!



Eventbrite Step-By-Step Guide + Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy


Stage 1 Flyer

Price List

Stage 1 Contract of Sale (8.4mb)

Stage 1 Plan of Subdivision

Stage 1 Engineering Plan

Design Guidelines


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